School Introduction
School Development
Special features of experiments
Teachers Development
Students Development
Leaders' Care
Future Development
    Shanghai Experimental School is a research-oriented instiution that integrates education,instruction,and scientific experimentation as a whole.It combines elementary schooling and secondary schooling into a ten-year system of continuing education,and in the meantine allows for flexibility in grade setting.Its aim is,by reforming courses,teaching materials,teaching methods,teaching assessment and other components of teaching system,to fully explore the learning potentials of children and adolescents,so that students enrolled as six at this school are encouraged and enabled to accomplish within ten years the learning tasks stipulated for students of twelve-year school system.In the end, when they graduate at fifteen or sixteen, these students are excellent in that they are well developed in moral,intellectual,physical,and aesthetic aspects.They are ready to go to university where they are sure to further exercise their creativity and learning capability for inventions and innovations in the optimum period of their prospective twenties.
    Shanghai Experimental School is attached to Shanghai Education Committee.Its experimentation and research are supervised by the Institute of Scientific Research in Education,Shanghai Teachers University.The current principal is Professor Li Youting, the tutor of master of Shanghai Teachers University.
Prefessor Yun Zaoshi,the founding principal of our school
Professor Zhang Minxuan,the second Principal of SES
Professor Li Youting,the Principal of SES

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